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Sacred History


Saint Anthony of Padua Catholic Parish began in 1886 and 2 years later the sanctuary was built. The church persisted through three depressions, four wars and great social and economic change.

Its 128-foot clock tower became a neighborhood focal point, which served the important function of helping residents keep track of the time.


The bell in the church tower was dedicated and inscribed, “When I hear the sound. Let the evil spirits retreat...”


The Rectory, home to the clergy, was built. The beautiful, original staircase was restored and remains intact today.


The building was sold to Greater St. Matthew’s Baptist Church when the St. Anthony of Padua congregation merged with a nearby church.

Sixteen stained-glass windows, each 11-1/2 feet high and created in the finest studios in Bavaria, Germany, over a century ago, were moved to St. Basil’s in Kimberton.

“The Sixth Sense”, the blockbuster supernatural thriller directed by the acclaimed M. Night Shyamlan, was filmed at the church.


Greater Saint Matthew’s Church followed its members to a new location.


Sanctuary Lofts transforms the empty church to loft apartments. Honoring its long-standing role in the community, the Sanctuary Lofts conversion saves the building from being torn down. No longer is this majestic structure a church, but through renovation, the spiritual wonder it once evoked remains intact. Halleluiah, it’s been saved!